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Friday, June 17, 2011

Slight Correction from Martin Institute Presentation

So I can’t believe I forgot to mention Geogebra in my sessions at the Martin Institute Summer Conference!  I had inadvertently hyperlinked the address incorrectly, so as I was working my way through my list, the site did not show up.

If you have never checked out Geogebra, I encourage you to do so.  First of all, it is OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE!  That is very impressive to me.  Secondly, it can be a great tool for you to use in your classroom. 

Here is how Geogebra describes itself:

“GeoGebra is free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package.”

I have now corrected the link in the original Martin Institute post.  Go check out Geogebra!

Backchanneling Transcript from Sessions 7 & 8 @ Martin Institute

After attending Session 1 by Gail Braddock at the Martin Institute’s Summer Conference, I became very excited about the use of backchanneling in my own undergrad classes that I will be teaching in the fall.  I asked the audiences in both of my sessions on Thursday afternoon to indulge me in a couple of trial runs; they were very gracious to do so.  I promised them the transcripts of the sessions so that we could all share in the collaboration.  We used http://www.todaysmeet.com/.  Here are the transcripts:

From Session 7

Please join me in contributing to the useful websites.
JenniferC at 14:58 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

This is a free video site http://www.watchknowlearn.org
Jane at 18:39 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Hello Jennifer.
Sharen C. at 18:39 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

http://citationmachine.net/ is alternative citation maker
Debby at 18:44 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Good article on inquiry lessons from teachinghistory.org: http://teachinghistory.org/teaching-materials/teaching-guides/24123
Debby at 18:52 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Try Animoto for presentations, too. Free accounts offer limited productions.
Debby at 18:58 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

StudyStack also has bunches of ways of practicing with info. Games, contests, etc. Kids love it!
Debby at 19:00 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Great resource from Wolfram alpha - http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/
Lynn at 19:43 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

You also might want to check out: http://domo.goanimate.com/
Lynn at 20:03 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

From Session 8:

Please join me in contributing to the useful websites.
JenniferC at 14:58 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Participation, please.
JenniferC at 19:20 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

My school has a high ESL population, so I can see the usefulness of Wolfram Alpha.
SZorn at 19:35 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

I can use these with my college-aged daughter taking college algebra.
lynn at 19:41 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Cindy at 19:43 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Cindy at 19:44 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

I am looking forward to checking out nutshell math
Sandi at 19:45 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Cindy at 19:46 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Cindy at 19:51 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Khan Academy is another site with tutorials. GREAT! http://www.khanacademy.org/
Cindy at 19:53 PM, 16 Jun 2011 via web

Thanks to all for participating with me!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Martin Institute Presentation -- Useful Websites


Language Arts


Social Studies

Fine Arts
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Animations/Alternative Assessments


Study Helps

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Teacher Assists (TN specific)

Some of My Favorites